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    Post  Grokster on Sat Nov 05, 2011 4:08 pm

    These rules are very simple and should be followed at all times.

    -Everything you post must be suitable for all ages.
    -No Offensive material or anything which may be considered illegal. This includes pornography, racism, etc.
    -Do not post anything what may be considered a copyright, trademark, service marks. (i.e. warez, appz, etc.)
    -Do not Spam.
    -Do not Swear. If you do you will be given a permanent ban.
    -Do not try to get around the filter.
    -Do not type in all caps.
    -You MUST use proper spelling, grammar, and punctuation. Text talk is not permitted.
    -All posts must be on topic.
    -Do not "flame", "attack", or be mean to any user in any way.
    -Do not argue with an Admin Or Mod. If you have a problem email or PM Grokster.
    -Do not post personal information (real names, address, phone numbers, ect.). Emails are allowed.
    -Do not use colors or change the font size for your posts unless you have to.
    -Do not advertise other websites, programs, videos ect.
    -All information about cheating must be posted in the correct forum.
    -Do not ask to be a mod or admin we will ask you. If you ask you will get a ban.
    -Do not abuse the report button.
    -You may not have more than one account. This includes if you’re banned.
    -Do not post links to virus or anything that may damage a computer.
    -You MUST NOT post the usernames and passwords to any Club Penguin account.
    -If you want a new username contact Grokster and he will change it.
    -All Posts MUST be in English. No exceptions.
    -Smiles must not be used to replace words.
    -There is a max of 5 smiles per post.
    -Discussion about "armys" is forbidden.
    -Posting Links or images to "Trackers" is forbidden.
    -Posting links to other CP Websites/blogs/forums is forbidden.

    If you have any questions, contact Grokster.

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