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    Post  senseiman on Tue Nov 08, 2011 11:58 pm

    Anyone play it? I have the beta version and am so far trying to make it through my first night. I know some steps to survive it:

    1.First thing's first. Gather some wood by destroying tree trunk blocks. Pick up the floating, spinning icons it drops to get wood. Keep repeating this until you have at least 11 or 12 blocks of wood.

    2. Go to your inventory. Use your wood to craft wooden planks. Put 4 wooden plank in all four spaces in the crafting area and put your new Crafting Table on your hotbar (the bar at the bottom that indicates what you use).

    3.Find a good hiding spot for the night. Some good spots are high places to stay away from mobs that will attack you.

    4. Once you find a good spot, use a tool to dig inside and place your Crafting Table inside by equipping it and right-clicking with the mouse on a spot you want it to be.

    5. Just in case, build blocks again where you dug inside just in case mobs can't get in. Leave a little window (one block space) just so you can see if it's night or day.

    6. In your crafting table, use your wooden planks to make sticks and use wooden planks (three of them, place them in the top spaces) and sticks (two of them, one under the middle wooden plank and the other under the other stick). You now have a pick to gather coal more easily. Just in case, experiment to make swords and shovels.

    7. While you search for coal, keep an eye out for stone (gray blocks with no spots) as they can be useful to craft new tools that won't break easily.

    8. After you gather coal, go back to your little hiding spot and rebuild the wall and window to block the mobs. Go back to your crafting table and use sticks and the coal to create torches to see better in the dark. Place it in your hotbar.

    9. Make a sword. If any mobs manage to get in, use it to fight them more easily.

    Hope this helped. Hope you enjoy Minecraft!

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    Re: Minecraft...

    Post  King on Wed Nov 09, 2011 5:56 pm

    I played it before! Sounds fun!!!

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