CP-Nitro- The next generation trainer


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    CP-Nitro- The next generation trainer

    Post  Acetrainer on Fri Nov 11, 2011 2:03 pm

    CP-Nitro is one of the next generation CP trainers out there.

    What is so special about it?

    It has custom features such as glowing penguins, making
    your penguin go flat and more of the iCPv2 commands. It also
    has a custom filter which makes you say anything!

    When will this be out?

    Near the future. Lets say probably about the ending of the year. It will be worth it,though.

    Does it have advanced features to it also?

    Sure! It has its own section called "Sprites" where you can view any item sprite while playing! It also has a resizable trainer to fit your screen. It may have its own custom interface.

    Will it be like any normal trainer? How can I get it when its out?

    Nope, it won't be like any normal trainer. Its sorta like a CPPS, where you have to say a command to get the thing you want. Can't say to much though Wink. You can get it at a future blog I create.

    Trainer by Acetrain3r. Previews coming soon.

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